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Premium Audio Solutions

iBAS Series


Superb low latency (8ms) between each receiver.

Wireless Design

Heartfelt farewell to tangling speaker lines.

Money's Worth

Economical Solutions for the usage in any occasion.

Soundreach BassBooster

iBAS Wireless

5" Subwoofer

Ultra Solutions for any situations.

iBAS Wireless Speaker

Tx Series for Business Solutions

iBAS TX Series

Supporting Devices

Soundreach and upcoming series.


Seamless RF band and channel switching.


Superb low latency (8ms) between each receiver.


Can support up to 16 high quality audio channels.

Corporate Vision:

Research and develop high-quality, high-technology, high-end, high-speed and high-profile audio and visual related technology. Targeted to be the leader in audio and visual technology in South-East Asia and World in coming 10 years.

Corporate Mission:

Innovate the technology advancement in audio and visual fields. Becoming the well-known brand in audio and visual related fields.

Corporate core values:

Integrity, Trustworthy, Quality and Excellence .

Corporate Goals:

Provide excellence and trustworthy service to the customers. Provide high quality products to customers.

Enlighten the Atmosphere

Illuminate the spaces with our latest technologies, with the consideration of cost-efficient.