Powering with our latest series

iBAS ft SoundReach series

Public Facilities

Universal Solutions in any public facilities, you name it!


A modern solutions for events.

Home Private Theater

Simple audio solutions for your home.

Solutions for Offices

Economic solutions for offices compliant to cost effectiveness.


New Generation, New Technology

Applications in Public Facilities

Train Stations

Sometimes waiting is suffering for some of us, a crystal-clear quality BGM can be satisfaction of the day.

Shopping Complexes

Shopping can be boring without a BGM in the air.


Food taste nicer with good musics.


Crystal clear background music for airport.


Luxurious of places can be improved by a good background music in the lobby.


A relaxing background music for stressful environment.


There are few of the most common issues for events audio solutions, which is :

Rental Cost

Most of the audio equipment for events is rented from Audio Solution Services, this can be costly especially for most of the event planning and non-profit organization. SoundReach & iBAS is a perfect solutions to solve this problems, which the event organizer can own a set of audio equipment with the best cost efficiency.

Venue Constraint

Outdoor audio solutions can be fretful in most condition, due to the harsh surrounding and raise of cost from installation. With SoundReach & iBAS , these problems is solved in ease. The installation of our audio solutions is simple as ABC.


Some talks and conferences in large scales is attended by large scales of audience. SoundReach & iBAS solved the problem which some of the attendees are not able to receive the messages from speakers due to the mass area of the venue.

Home Private Theater

Seems expensive with the terms ‘Home Theater’, but not with our

SoundReach & iBAS series


Meeting Room

Meeting room is a place where the most important issues to be discussed in a company. Every words spoken must be clear and received by everyone.

Office Area

A soft and crystal clear background music in the tight working atmosphere can be a great relaxation for the employees. Employee are the keys to your success with customers, treat them well!


‘Nothing has changed, we claimed prepare student for the future, but the evidence like that i must ask, do you prepare students for the future? or the past?’

-By the American motivational speaker

Here is a classroom of today.

Here is a classroom we used 150 years ago.


Sound affect us physiologically, psychologically, cognitively and behaviorally all the time even we are not conscious on it.


Communication require sending and receiving, and space tend to include noise and acoustic.


With our SoundReach & iBAS system, this problem can be fixed and lead to conscious listening.