Less is More

Simple Control Panel. Decent Human Being Understandable.

Surface Mounted

Coming Soon with Self-Customize Bracket

AC or DC in

Supporting both AC or DC in.

Simple Front Facial

The state of being Simple

Mic-In Input

XLR + 6.35 Mic Connector.

Volume Control

Master Volume & Mic Volume

Protective & Sustainability

Assembled with Allen Key Machine Screw.

Emergency Button

Locking type With Red Color LED light.

And Versatile Rear Panel

Either AC or DC, according to your needs.

Variable IP Setting

Either through Classical Manual Setting or IPC Setting.

AC or DC in

As you wish, we make it for you.

4-Channel 15W Input

Connected to Terminal Connector

What Comes in Mind?

Our first impression to PA System must be Complicated,

we make it simple for you.


TCP/IP Network PA Solutions

What is Public Address System?

PA System is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment, to increase the apparent volume of a human voice.

Why do we need it in our Businesses?

For delivering announcement to a wide area of people, either

daily announcement or evacuation announcement.

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